Vegan baking

Marianne and I have a new obsession. Vegan baking! See, Lent started less than a month after Christmas this year which is far far too early! not enough cheesecake, not enough tiramisu, not enough real chocolate icecream….ehm! sorry! mouth watering there a bit….

So, she made some vegan peanut butter cookies…and I am responding with macaroons, which she might be careful trying because last time I checked, my brother HATED coconut flakes (weirdo!)

So….this is a modified version of this recipe. Yes, I rarely use a recipe as is because life doesn’t work that way 😛

2 1/2 cups of sweetened coconut flakes
2/3 cups of sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 almond slivers
2 tbsp applesauce

Turn up the oven at 350!

First, I toasted the almonds in a little saucepan on low heat then went at them with a knife….a nice semi fine chop

Then, in my mixing bowl, I mixed the coconut with the sugar..cute white flakes!

Vanilla extract (real! not imitation..yesI I listen to Ina!) added to the applesauce first. Because I am all about even distribution.

And it all comes together!!

I’ll spare you the gross details but I went at the mix by hands and that was the end result

Finally, I scooped the mix using my ice cream scooper. And because my scooper is not the lever kind, that was also messy.

Please ignore my cookie sheet’s condition. An empanada incident caused some battle scars.

By now the oven should be nice and warm, I popped the cookie sheet in there and set my timer for 10 minutes. Which was enough time to upload pics and cleanup. Or, if I was already in my new apartment, just enough tine to load the dishwasher….

So…first lesson, I should get parchment paper..that’s probably why I am not gonna have nice pictures of the cookies in a plate.
Second lesson, the cookies need some serious watching….you want them toasted but not burnt on the bottom which is very easy to happen….

But hey! Vegan macaroon with some good soy chai tea? not too bad!

AFter the 10 minutes the cookies were still too soft. I placed them on a greased foil paper and put that for another 20 minutes in my toaster oven at 350. THAT did the trick. The result was twice baked macaroons that were very crunchy on the outside…yum!


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