I got into this discussion today on the phone with my Mom that we have not had in a while.

It started out with her asking me if I wanted anything from Egypt as she, my Dad and my Brother are visiting Egypt in a week, and quickly turned into a discussion of my general disdain towards anything Egyptian.

I make no secret of my malcontent with the Egyptian culture. Despite the nervous stares that gets me from Mom’s friends at church and angry comments from some family members, I still hold the opinion that the Egyptian people as a whole will never advance beyond being a third world country and will always be those people who sing about the past and look only at their feet and borrow money from most of the world while internally holding a self righteous feeling of superiority.

I could go on for a while about things I don’t like in the Egyptian culture, but it all really hit me when hearing about how my aunt was refused admission to a handful of hospital, got driven around in an ambulance till she died in the ambulance because non of the hospitals wanted to ‘take the risk’ of her dying in their hands.

So…no…I feel no loyalty, no sense of belong and no respect for the country that finds it acceptable to do such a thing….it just happens to be a piece of land where my extended family has to live.


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