So long Blogger

Yup. So long Blogger, hello WordPress.

I am no advanced blogger. In fact, I am having a hard time keeping this alive. And I partially blame Blogger for that. Despite how very useful a lot of other Google products are, blogger seems like the black sheep. Really Google? No iPhone app? It seems almost archaic to ask me to blog via email/SMS when I am carrying with me a portal to the biggest AppStore in the mobile market.

So here I am. The move was generally simple, the built-in theme gallery seems adequate. Although I am not sure how long I will be ok with NOT having the full use of other online themes just because I am not a paid user. This might be the one thing I’ll miss in blogger.

But the iPhone App? Oh it is great!! I am using it right now! And it is completely worth me actually moving my blog to WordPress.

Take a hint Google 😉


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