Run for your life!

I bit the bullet Friday. Bought diet pills.

A friend of mine tried to ease the ego blow by saying, gaining weight is a sign of a happy marriage. Well, yeah, we’re very happy (despite the occasional bickering!)But things were getting ridiculous.

So, I started with running today using a couch to 5k podcast that is supposed to gradually get the running strength up. I discovered three things:

a- I have lungs the size of tennis balls
b- I need a respectable iPod holder
c- I HAVE to work this in my work week schedule if I want to actually stick to it

For now, I will probably try to do the running thing three times a week, and three other days try and do some aerobic stuff at home then have Saturday as the day off. And did I mention that I bought two large bags of salad mix Friday?

I hope plan sticks!


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