I can?

I am this close to forsaking all Egyptians and declaring them all genetically impaired. This people has a million songs about what a great people they are, the great history, being the ‘cradle of civilization’. Well you know what? civilization outgrew the cradle about a couple of thousand years ago and you so far behind.

The Range of comments I saw on Facebook in the last 48 hours by people who I thought were educated individuals, people with college degrees who should, theoretically at least, make informed decisions and well thought out arguments appalled me. The went from racist comments, to completely irrational things like “Let Socialism Ring”.

I am starting to think that the Egyptian race is just hardwired NOT to understand what Democracy is about. Democracy is about making informed decisions, based on the issues, regarding picking your government and then finally, after elections, even if your choice did not win, accept the voice of the majority and move on.

I am sad to say it, but I even found out that some priests in my church use their position and tell people crap like “Obama is the Anti-Christ”. He came from obscurity and he speaks eloquently. Well, the Bible says the Anti-Christ is a good speaker and and we (by ‘we’ is Egyptians who lived in a CA bubble and did not really need to know about an Illinois senator) did not know about him before this then he must be the Anti-Christ!

Not only is this a blatant logical fallacy (induction, in case you’re wondering), it is a outright abuse of their position as spiritual leader. Keyword here being spiritual!! not political. And to stretch the word of the Bible to fit their own political beliefs almost makes me embarrassed for my church and definitely embarrassed to belong to this group of people.

I would like to believe that anyone within their constitutional rights (read: my children or their children) can someday run for president if they’d like and try their best to prove the American people that they can do the job then let the American people decide based on their ability. If that happens, I will not want them judged because their mother grew up in a Muslim country, or went to school with girls in hijabs. If my children grow up to be able to do a good job in an elected office then I want them scrutinized for their ability, not their background.

There is an underlying reason that Egypt is still not a real democracy. It is stated best by Ghandi:

In true democracy every man and women is taught to think for himself or herself.

But…to each their own.


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