I can’t belive I am posting this

People who know me (especially at work) know that I have a general loathing of Microsoft’s software design methods, software implementation methods and their whole view on how an operating system should look like. And I admit, I laugh out loud at those Mac vs PC commercials. And I was even more puzzled at the Gates and Seinfeld (seriously! what a ….mystery!). But, it would not be fair to not give credit when credit is due. Apparently the Ad company that Microsoft hired and is giving a reported $300 million got it right this time (they are Mac users btw…go figure!), after axing Jerry of course! And this is the new ad:

Gotta say..I love it! and I am mac/linux person! I mean, it still does not change my opinion of vistagate or make me respect Ballmer an iota more, but good job! ad agency! You actually managed to make using a pc seem cool!

Didn’t think that was possible anymore.


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