12 of 12 – February 2008

well it has been forever since I have been here…I finally moved back to live with the hubby (I cannot believe it has been almost 9 months..just…..can’t!)..I have been looking for work for what seems like forever…and well….life goes on 😉

I am finally doing this!!!..after watching it on Chad’s blog for over 2 years now, I am finally joining the party…

so here goes…

after waking up, the second time..I go straight to the laptop…while the coffee brews..I am one of those “don’t talk to me until I have my coffee” people

the only thing I need to do for dinner tonight! This is a thin cut of beef that I marinade in one egg, an onion (I actually used dry onions here), salt, pepper, and a little all spice. Later, I will dust them with italian bread crumbs and fry them. recipe courtesy of my Mom 😀

Time to get dressed for today’s errand list. Laundry and some grocery buying

it sucks that I have to wear all this just to go out next door and do laundry..and I was still cold!!!


here are the tools needed…time to head out


All this while watching some ER….Romano just got his arm chopped off…yikes!!


and the groceries are done!!! Just in time before flakes started falling from the sky…I went a little crazy because the fridge seemed really empty. Now,
I am hungry.


Lunch!!..or brunch since it is breakfast food..lol..anyway, it is food! 😛


Followed by a treat I just got myself!..this is coffee icecream topped with some chocolate syrup…it looked so good that I took a bite before I made it to the camera and took a shot…yes…I am bad! 😛


time for some music and reading…I love this book..it is even more eye opening than the movie…and it puts the last 7 years of US policy in a whole new, terrible, perspective


whoa!!! apparently it has been ‘flaking’ for a while!!This is the first time my poor car has seen snow…I feel like I owe her an apology

And dinner is a-frying…yum!!!!


12 thoughts on “12 of 12 – February 2008

  1. Yay for you joining 12 of 12! I’m glad your back with your husband now, after that last 9 months of University in LA. Now you can start married life (properly without Uni interruptions) this time!And mmm, ice cream 😀

  2. Nice shots here. No need to apologize to your car. In fact it should apologize to you for not taking you to Florida and then breaking down… lol

  3. Welcome to the world of 12 of 12! :hug: Looking at all the 12 of 12’s this month is pretty since they all show yummy things that I can’t have right now. Your ice cream made me drool and that beef looked very tasty… :console: for snow and being cold. :smooch:

  4. That coffee icecream thingy is gonna haunt me…I need one !!! lolGreat day, great pics ! I love ER, that episode is “fun” !! haha ! And that dinner looks delicious !Welcome on the 12 of 12, hope you’ll have fun !

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