The senior slump

Yes!..I am procrastinating!! and I am procrastinating over programming…can you believe it???

This is what they call the senior slump.

I would rather write a useless paper about my work, while at work mind you, than write that cursed program to find the closest pair in a 2-d space thingie! I mean, seriously, who wants to write a program that does an annoying trigonometry problem anyway?….seriously!….seriously!!!!

So, here I am. Posting to my blog about the program instead of actually writing the program. And I dare any of you people out there to challenge my logic!


One thought on “The senior slump

  1. Preaching to the choir on that one! I know from personal experience (and talking to friends), that when you have an essay due, or an exam, or a presentation to give, suddenly you just cannot work in that dust bedroom, and that pile of washing HAS to be done now, and while you’re downstairs, you ight as well tidy the lounge, and of course once you’ve move the plates from the lounge to the kitchen you might as well wash up…Everyone used to say how up to date they were with washing, and how tidy their bedrooms were, during hard study times!

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