lots of things to do…no brains to actually do ’em

ok….so i have like a gazzillion things to do before this ‘break’ is over and I am back to the grueling 8 am to 10 pm days. Seriously! whoever branded this as Spring break is a cruel cruel person!!!… and with a sick sense of humor! I have already given up on doing that closest pair algorithm implementation (anyone wanna take a stab for me?..didn’t think so!) then there is the software architecture thing…then there is the internship paper and power point. then of course there is all the stuff I promised to do for the shower…..oy!….

ok…first things first…I should be going to the potential hairdresser soon to look at the catalog…..I sure hope I end up using her because…really….no time to go looking for another one

*off to get ready*


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