Whoa!!..this is pretty easy!!…and I thought it takes a whole lotta work to do blogs!….

well..this is my first post here and hopefully not the last. I plan to use this place to chronicle the last 2 weeks of my life as a single gal (shoulda thought of this when we set the date 4 months ago! *rolleyes*) …but oh well!!…this will be interesting to read in 15 years when my kids are just about to start highschool..

yeah!!..this sentence just scared the crap out of me too!!!

well…here goes….


One thought on “WOW

  1. Yay, I’m first to comment!I like the black and orange flower template you have now. You’ve had your Blog horus, and already it’s way prettier than mine! I only got one of the bog standard Blogger templates.I might be picking your brains at some point, on how to prettify my Blog!Helen (Firecracker)

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